At Jumo Coffee Roasters we take pride in the quality and selection of coffees we offer, as true specialty coffee roasters’. Every coffee is sampled first, before buying the raw green beans. Once we find the coffee, it is profiled on our roaster to achieve the best flavours possible.


Before releasing any coffee, the roasted batch is first tasted and analysed, when we are happy with the flavours then it is allowed to be sold to our customers. Carrying out this process continously allows us to have complete control over all the steps happen within our roastery.

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Our Diedrich IR12 Coffee Roaster features a highly efficient gas infrared heating system, which is combined with a non-perforated, carbon steel roasting drum. Using radiant heat to roast the coffee beans evenly and at such low temperatures that optimum roasting stan-dards are achieved. We cup and taste our coffees regularly using science but also a lot of tasting and discussing.


We currently supply many specialty and non speciality cafes both locally and regionally. We create special blends specifically created for each café, as well as our seasonal single origin beans. Both the way we store our raw coffee beans and the way we bag our weekly fresh roasted beans ensure that our customers always receive consistent high quality coffee beans.